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1. What is the FDIC insurance coverage amount?

The standard insurance amount is $250,000.00 per depositor, per insured bank and for each account ownership category. FDIC insurance covers all deposit accounts including checking, savings, money markets, IRA’s and certificates of deposit. To calculate your specific coverage, go to

2. How can I find the current interest rates for CD’s?

Please contact us for our current interest rates at: New London at 573-985-4611; Center at 573-267-3324; Hannibal at 573-231-0303; or St. Charles at 636-587-5905.

3. How do I enroll in Internet Banking?

On the Home tab of this website is an Internet Banking link. Follow the “Enroll Now” instructions. You will be taken to our internet banking page and will choose either “personal enrollment form” for personal accounts or “commercial enrollment” for business accounts. Fill in the required information and submit it. You will receive a letter providing a temporary password and instructions to contact the bank to receive your user id.

4. How do I get a copy of a check or deposit ticket?

If you have internet banking you can print off an image of a check or deposit by logging into your account, go to activity center and choose the image you want to print.

5. How do I activate my debit card?

You can call (866) 590-4793 and click option 2 to activate OR call any of our branch locations and speak to a new account representative.

6. What do I do if I want to change or have forgotten my PIN number for my card?

Simply come into any of our branch locations and a new account representative will help you change your PIN number.

7. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Contact the bank immediately if it is during banking hours. The bank can turn off the card and order a new one ($5.00 for lost or stolen card). If you discover it is lost after the bank is closed, call Shazam at 800-383-8000.

8. My debit cards’ expiration date is this month. When will I get a new card?

Shazam automatically sends you a new debit card before your current one expires. You should receive it the month prior to its expiration. Cards remain active through the last day of the expiration month.

9. I just received my new ShazamChek Mastercard in the mail. Why is my card number different than my husbands’?

For new accounts, each cardholder will have a different card number and different PIN number. This allows better service in the event of a lost/stolen card. Both cards will no longer be “hot carded” or turned off. Only the affected card will be hot carded and must be replaced.

10. I will be travelling soon. How can I insure my debit or credit card will not be turned off?

Shazam monitors debit card usage and may temporarily block a card if a transaction is being tried in an unusual location (especially out of the country). Most credit cards have similar fraud protection programs. Be sure the bank has your current cell telephone number. Shazam will try to reach you on that number if they block your card. The best practice is to contact the bank and any credit card customer service office BEFORE you leave town.

11. How often are balances on my account updated to my debit card?

Balances are updated immediately to your debit card.

12. How do I enroll in e-statements?

Simply contact any branch location and ask for a new account representative.

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